Hello. Thank you for visiting. There are many sites out there that publish useful and/or interesting work. This will not be one of them. Unless, of course, you consider the news, updates and favorite literary quotes that I will occasionally post to be useful and/or interesting in some way. I do. Take this first quote – the final stanza of Ashbery’s “The Bungalows.” I find it to be quite useful and interesting. I’m not sure how I would live otherwise. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you enjoy your day. Maybe it will be better because of Ashbery. I hope so. Mine will.

“All this came to pass eons ago.
Your program worked out perfectly. You even avoided
The monotony of perfection by leaving in certain flaws:
A backward way of becoming, a forced handshake,
An absent-minded smile, though in fact nothing was left to chance.
Each detail was startlingly clear, as though seen through a magnifying glass,
Or would have been to an ideal observer, namely yourself—
For only you could watch yourself so patiently from afar
The way God watches a sinner on the path to redemption,
Sometimes disappearing into valleys, but always on the way,
For it all builds up into something, meaningless or meaningful
As architecture, because planned and then abandoned when completed,
To live afterwards, in sunlight and shadow, a certain amount of years.
Who cares about what was there before? There is no going back,
For standing still means death, and life is moving on,
Moving on towards death. But sometimes standing still is also life.”

– John Ashbery, “The Bungalows”