Porcelain blues

Today is a very beautiful day in Denver. 80 degrees. Sun and a light breeze. Here, let Strand explain:

“Friends, how can I tell you what weather has meant! The blue sky, its variations and repetitions, is what I look back on: the blues of my first day in office, the blues of my fifth day, the porcelain blues, the monotonous blues, the stately blues, the ideal blues, and the slightly less than ideal blues, the yellow blues on certain winter days. Always the great cupola of light, a vague yet luminous crown, spread with tireless regularity, turning the prose of my life into exultation and desire. And then it would dim into twilight and the green edge of the world would darken. Finally the weather of night would arrive, under which I drifted as if my bed were a ship–the monstrous openness of night, in which birds become lost, in which sounds travel with a melancholy beyond tears, in which my dreams of a golden age seem, for a moment, diminished and hopelessly exiled. I have sailed and sailed my whole life.”

– Mark Strand, “The President’s Resignation”


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