Poetic Inventory

I am so thrilled that the fine folks at THEthe Poetry Blog have published Levi Rubeck’s review of Contrapuntal. Here’s what Levi had to say: “Contrapuntal is not a book about diametrics, bipolarity, or extremes, but rather a sonic and sonorous exploration of the way music, sound, time, and relationships exist throughout the body, mind, and self. Such a read is what contemporary poetry is poised to accomplish, and Kondrich has a measured and meticulous style that winds well around the musical and interpersonal ideas he’s presenting here.” Many thanks to Levi and THEthe!

Meanwhile, Wolverine Farm is going to publish an incredible anthology titled A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park, in which participating writers wrote a piece that took as its title a species living in the Park. Mine is called “Snow Willow” and will appear alongside works by Nicky Beer, Julie Carr, Matthew Cooperman, HR Hegnauer, Laird Hunt, Sara Renee Marshall, Elizabeth Robinson, Eleni Sikelianos, J.A. Tyler, Jake Adam York and many others. It’s such a wonderful project spearheaded by Charlie Malone. Read more about the anthology here.