The List that Keeps On Giving

"The Salutation" by Quint Buchholz (1990)
“The Salutation” by Quint Buchholz (1990)

I have good news for those who feel daunted by the explosion of poetry lists making their way around the web: today exists. Also (bonus good news), there are many, many amazing poets in the world. Why not take today to read more of them?

While some may have reservations about the whole list-making endeavor, I’m just happy that more writers have been brought to my attention. Since it has dawned on me that I have today (and, yes, even tomorrow) to continue to do the thing I love—read—I am taking these lists as an opportunity to broaden my reading reach.

We all have more to read, more to share (hopefully) with our writing communities and our world, so let’s not fret as to which list is best or who might have been left off. Let’s not be so quick to snark. Let’s just make our way to our local independent bookseller (Counterpath is mine!) or library, lists in hand, to give of our time and mental energy, to give attentive eyes to those whose works were written to enrich our lives.

It’s the least we can do.


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