A Much Needed Update

Gulf Coast. Issue 26.2.  Summer/Fall 2014.
Gulf Coast. Issue 26.2. Summer/Fall 2014.

I know—how can I have a blog if I never update it? You’re totally right. Since I last wrote, a few things have happened that I want to tell you about.

Gulf Coast was super kind to nominate my poem “Asylum” for the next Pushcart Prize anthology. The poem appears in the Summer/Fall 2014 issue (No. 26.2). Mind crossing your fingers for me? Thanks.

Next up, I’m off to the Catwalk Institute in July for a residency. I’ll be starting a new project now that my new manuscript is finally complete and on the market. I’ll be following that up with the Ashbery Home School in August. I’m pumped to study with Susan Howe (my hero).

In recent months, a few poems of mine have popped up online in issues of The California Journal of Poetics, Green Mountains Review and Drunken Boat. Click and read away. Also, don’t miss what other fantastic work these journals are ushering into our lives.

I had a blast fielding questions from Kate Barrett at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop where I’m currently teaching an intro poetry workshop. I recommend some things and nerd out on a Liz Waldner hyphen, which subsequently made its way into a keenly observed essay by Elisa Gabbert.

Lastly, The Kenyon Review made my decade by accepting a new poem. Keep those eyes peeled for the November / December issue.