Iowa Review Award

mbeNf_VDI’m beyond excited to announce that Srikanth Reddy has selected four of my new poems—“Division of Labor,” “Placeholder,” “Multiverse” and “Ruin Value”—as the winners of The Iowa Review Award for Poetry. They’ll be published in the winter issue.

This comes as such an extraordinary surprise and honor because I admire and respect the work of Reddy so much. His Voyager is a groundbreaking text; one that inspired me to look deeper into the poetry of history and politics. Aside from that, it’s just beautiful. And now, it’s completely nuts to read what he had to say about my work:

“Utterly strange yet disarmingly intimate, these poems lead us into metaphysical uncertainties—’pleats into which an I can slip and fade’—while guiding us, confidently, through unexplored grammars of feeling and conceptualization. What I admire most about this speaker is how funny, tactful, and eminently personable he remains throughout his lyric researches into the periphery and minims of personhood. It brings to mind John Ashbery in his middle period, or maybe late Wallace Stevens. ‘There is the history of night,’ the voice informs us, ‘in each night / I spend here allowing / lowercase sand to spill from me.’ I’ll look forward to reading what this fractured hourglass of a writer does next.”

On my tombstone, I’d like “fractured hourglass of a writer.” Loved ones—take note!

So, my immense gratitude to the editors of The Iowa Review and Srikanth Reddy. I eagerly await the winter issue. Meantime, I have some more writing to do (right after I do some more living).