New Year / New Courses

Beginning on January 18, I’ll be teaching a new online course on flash forms for the Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Here’s my course description:

What makes a form flash? Is it merely the short length, or does it also pertain to the spark of inspiration, the speed with which a story or poem catches and ignites? In this craft-centered workshop, we will explore the brief and biting work of Lydia Davis and Tomas Tranströmer, to name two, as well as your own work derived from carefully curated exercises. We’ll endeavor to slow the flash form down a bit so as to take a keener, sentence-level look before it’s gone. Fiction writers and poets welcome, beginner to advanced.

I think the combination of genres will make for some fascinating discussion. There will be generative exercises for everyone and reading material that expands the comfort zone of participants (as well as my comfort zone).

Additionally, I’ll be teaching a course (in person) on revision for Frequency during February. Here’s my course description for that:

This four-week class is for those writers who have drafts and snippets of poems and stories. It’s for writers whose work is unfinished, that doesn’t feel quite right, or is lacking that certain something. This class is also for those inquisitive writers who want new ways of revising and who are interested in devising these new ways. Thus, Revising Revision will be practical, but also theoretical, utilitarian, but also, meta. We’ll spend half of each session employing some truly unusual revision exercises, and the other half re-envisioning what and how to revise. To aid in this two-pronged endeavor, we’ll read mind-bending essays on writing and creativity by Mary Ruefle, Hélène Cixous, and others. This course is open to all.

I hope to see folks in person and online. Click the links above to sign up. Contact me if you have any questions.

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