Tupelo Quarterly
Fall 2014
“Against Our Vanishing: On the Loss of Allen Grossman”

Denver Quarterly
Summer 2014
“Interview with Matthew Cooperman”

Sharkpack Poetry Review
July 2014
“On Sandra Lim’s ‘A Tap of Iron on the Tongue'”

April 2014
“Tunneling Through the Self: On Hoa Nguyen’s As Long as Trees Last

32 Poems
January 2014
“Contributor’s Marginalia: On “Throne Switch Thrown“ by J. Allyn Rosser”

December 2013
“On Mortality & Samurais in Tomas Transtömer”

Colorado Review
September 2013
“Darkest Where the Light Begins: On Sandra Meek’s Road Scatter

Sharkpack Poetry Review 
September 2013
Review of “Belong To'” by David Baker

Sharkpack Poetry Review
July 2013
Review of “Leopold Stokowski tells Marian Anderson,
‘My roof is too low for you'” by Elizabeth Robinson

Feb. 2013
“Devisable Matter & Sheer Overjoy: On Peter Richards’ Helsinki

Colorado Review
Vol. 39, No. 1 (Spring 2012)
Review of Voyager by Srikanth Reddy

October 2011
Review of Money Shot by Rae Armantrout

January 2011
Review of If Not Metamorphic by Brenda Iijima

Rain Taxi
Spring 2009
Review of Signal from Draco by Mebane Robertson