New & selected poems in print or online:

“The One Story”
The Cincinnati Review (forthcoming)

“Definite Article”
Harvard Review (forthcoming)

“Ownership of Sight”
The Massachusetts Review (forthcoming)

“Ownership of Words”
The Antioch Review (2018)

Witness (2018)

The Elephants (2017)

Vinyl (forthcoming)

“Map of Belonging”
Third Coast (2017)

“Object Permanence”
Typo (2017)

Poetry Northwest (2017)

“Degree of Nothing”
Crazyhorse (2017)

“Black Paintings,” “Peace Epic”
Web Conjunctions (2016)

“Degree of Nothing,” “Orientation”

“Division of Labor,” “Multiverse,” “Ruin Value,” “Placeholder”
The Iowa Review (2016)
(Winners of The Iowa Review Award for Poetry)

“Geometry of Echo”
The Kenyon Review (2015)

“Devouring Each Other”
Boston Review (2015)

“Asylum,” “Lucus”
Gulf Coast (2014)

“Bellfounding,” “Dwelling”
Green Mountains Review (2014)

“Rejoinder,” “Backward-Spreading Brightness”
Colorado Review (2013)

32 Poems (2013)

“Beach Scene,” “Degree of Nothing”
Sixth Finch (2013)

“Caedmon,” “Afterword”
Cream City Review (2014)

“Affliction,” “Valuing”
Cimarron Review (2015)

“River Again”
The California Journal of Poetics (2015)

Timber (2014)

Washington Square (2013)

“Schedule for Burning,” “Their Papers,” “Pastorale”
The Paris-American (2013)
(Winners of The Paris-American Reading Series Prize)

“Layer of Ash”
American Letters & Commentary (2012)